2021 Buyers Choice Award

We are thrilled to be named as one of only two businesses to receive a 2021 Buyers Choice Award from Machines4U.com.au in the welding category!

"This year, you’ve shown excellence in the welding industry & also received one of the highest Buyer Interest Ratings —which is quite a feat" said Steve Krebs, Managing Director of Machies4U.com.au.

MACRO partners with a wide range of trusted industry partners to bring our innovative and technology packed products directly to where our customers shop and compare products.

Bruce Mathews, Managing Director of MACRO said "we are very honored that our customers think so highly of us and our service. We strive to not just be another welding and cutting supplier to the industry, but rather an industry specialist. We are invested in helping our customers grow THEIR businesses through increasing efficiencies, reducing downtimes, providing premium finishes and increasing THEIR profitability through innovative & technological equipment solutions. So too receive this type of accolade directly from our customers is delightful!" 

We would like to take the opportunity to thank all of our new and ongoing customers for their unwavering support of our local family owned aussie businesses during what has been a very turbulent and disruptive year not only for all aussie businesses but especially the manufacturing and welding industry.