MACRO is one of Australia's premium suppliers of welding & cutting machinery, a third-generation family business based in regional Victoria, we have over 45 years’ experience (and counting) in the metal fabrication industry.

We know the importance of making a sound investment for your business. If you are going to spend money on assets to grow your businesses service offerings, you need to do it right the first time or you will end up spending or losing money on machine down time.

That's why all our machines are fully backed Australia lifetime service and technical support - making sure you can operate with the confidence of knowing we have your back.

We are not looking for a quick sale, we want to have a long term relationship that will help you to help your business continue to grow well into the future.


Plasma is a electrically conductive, ionised, gas-like substance.

Plasma can be generated by using either compressed air or gas (e.g. Nitrogen or Argon) that is subjected to intense heat. When this is pressurised a plasma stream is created.

Plasma cuts via thermal transfer which means it uses heat to melt the metal instead of mechanically cutting it.



UP TO 150mm

Ability to cut a wide range of material thicknesses up to 150mm! 



With minimal slag - some of our machines can cut up to 12,000 per minute! 



Making every cut more economical and minimises material wastage.



Suited to cut any conductive ferrous metals. See the FAQ below for a full list.



Everytime you need to cut, your machine is ready to go when you need it most.

mixed gas 


Improves performance for mid-range stainless steel cuing operations.

3 year warranty*

Backed by one of the most robust warranties in the industry. Never worry about quality or back up support.



All our motors have high holding torque ability. This provides an exceptional capability for the motor to maintain its original position.

The motor's also have a greater ability and incredible precision to return to their original position after completing a full detour. This ability makes them more reliable for accurate machining cutting, reducing production down time.

Brushless construction assists in providing a higher power output, they have a wider range of operating speeds and are very quiet; having no electrical contacts like traditional motors means that wear is very minimal, proving a great advantage in reliability and ease of ongoing maintenance.


All our plasma machines are produced with automatic torch height control systems.

This ensures that the torch stays at the same height during the entire cutting process, providing a greater cut consistency and enabling cutting on undulating surfaces like corrugated iron.

This feature also assists in prolonging the life of your consumables and helps to provide a cleaner cut quality.


All our machines are made to stand the test of time.

Fully welded joins rather than bolted together components, ensure little to no movement of the bed when you are cutting, resulting in a superior cut every time.

Our tables are also made of Mild-Steel construction, again ensuring little to no flex in the body, contributing to that premium MACRO finish on every cut.

All machines use steel gantry rails to contribute to the heavy-duty construction, no need to worry about broken belts and potential down time.


Most frequently asked questions
Dependant on the machine you go with, you can cut up to 40mm via edge start and pierce up to 32mm with super clean results.

Pretty much any conductive metal such as, Mild-Steel, Aluminium, Stainless-Steel, Brass & more!

It can also cut corrugated sheet and mesh! 

We offer a range of solutions in both single & three phase.

Yes, all our plasma CNC machines can cut underwater, and provides a cleaner cut.

This is a good option to look at is you cut a lot of Stainless-Steel and can also prevent warping on certain materials.

All our plasma CNC machines use Aussie based FastCam.

A family-based business founded in 1976, with over 20 patents in progress in Steel processing in the US, France, Germany, Poland, and other countries, it’s safe to say these guys know their stuff! 

Not to worry - While we do stock a range of 'off the shelf' solutions ranging from 1.2m to 6m, we also offer fully customisable solutions to suit you, your business, and your workshop space, having recently just produced a 30m long machine for a client!

Just get in touch with us to discuss your needs with one of our CNC Solutions Engineers and we will have you up and cutting with a solution specially designed for you in no time!

Most definitely not! We have manufacturing facilities right across the globe (Europe, USA & the APAC region) to ensure we deliver the very latest in innovation & technology to the Australian market.

We have a dedicated team of R&D specialists who are continuously looking into new technologies and efficiencies to improve our products and provide the 'MACRO' difference in technology and reliability to our customers.

We have engineers on the ground (in all of our global facilities) who stringently monitor quality control, ensuring that we are continuing to produce only the highest quality machinery and componentry for the Australian market.

We also have an Aussie team of technical specialists that intimately check each and every machine before they get to you - We check areas of the machines that would make them blush! 😳.

Our 360-degree quality assurance systems give our customers 110% confidence and peace of mind on the quality of our machines.

We put our money where our mouth is and back all our tables with an industry standard 3-year warranty on our tables.

Our range of MACRO plasma cutters are backed with an industry leading 5-year warranty!

These warranties are all standard to give you peace of mind, with no additional hidden costs.

Our entire CNC plasma range uses exclusively waterbeds as a fume extraction method.

The use of waterbeds for fume control are highly effective in trapping the fume, they are also much cheaper to run in two ways; one- there are no fans constantly running so no massive power bills, and two - Lower upfront costs as there is not a massive amount of additional machinery and infrastructure required.

Will it rust out?

Some other companies try and scare tactic you into buying larger equipment you don’t need so they can turn a bigger profit by saying water tables will rust.

Truth is, if you look after your table and use the recommended additives, your table will never let you down, and our team can give you a full run down of this.

This argument is a bit like saying, going to go to a dentist daily is your only way to prevent cavities - it’s expensive and unnecessary as we all know if you brush & floss daily and have good oral hygiene you will be just fine. 🦷👌🏻

Yes, they can mark & scribe materials as well as cut.

This is very dependent on the solution you choose.

As our Plasma CNC Solutions are customised specifically for you and your business our range starts at around $12,000 + GST.



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