MACRO - CNC High-Definition Plasma - THUNDER


Cutting Area: 1.5 x 3m
Fume Control System: Waterbed
High-Definition Plasma System: Kjellberg Smart Focus 130
Sale price$216,590.00


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The big brother of the MACRO STORM, the MACRO THUNDER is also built just as tough! Its fully cast body makes it super sturdy and eliminates any body movement that may affect the cut quality. 

The dual gantry system, paired with servo motors (an upgraded component from the QUANTUM + X-TREME models) provides exceptional stability and smooth movement, significantly reducing any clean-up, giving you sharp and clean cuts.

The MACRO THUNDER comes standard with a Scribe attachment, allowing you to mark the surface of the medium, most commonly used to name or number the cut pieces, it is also widely used to create marks for fabricators down the production line, to ensure that pieces meet in certain areas, or indicate where welds should go, or where additional componentry should be placed e.g. taps.

Best suited to businesses who are planning on doing large amounts of cutting and looking for a commercial-grade machine that provides smooth and consistent cuts every time, like structural engineering. 

We have customers from all industries cutting with the power and precision that the MACRO THUNDER has to offer... just to mention a few areas of application from our current customers, metal fabricators, shed manufacturers, machine engineering, food machinery production and general production... and much more! 

Delivering premium cut quality, the MACRO THUNDER can pierce up to 25mm thick at a speed of up to 12,000mm per minute, with superior 1:1 hole ratio and cuts so clean they look like they were cut by a laser!  

Capable of cutting a variety of materials - including, but not limited to; mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass, zinc + much more!

It can even cut corrugated metals and mesh! 

Not sure if this is the right solution for you? 
You can call, email or message our team to have a chat about your business and what type of solution would best suit your application, and also help you out with trade pricing. 

Features + Benefits (Cutting Bed + Controller):

  • Lifetime Aussie service + technical support
  • High quality + heavy duty structure
  • FastCam Software - Australian owned operated & supported
  • Fume controlled via waterbed
  • Built-in controller
  • Gas cutting ready
  • Safe auto ignition
  • User-friendly USB port for input & output of programs
  • Plug + Play - Quick & easy installation
  • Flexible Functionality - Can use either compressed air or gas
  • Large program memory
  • Auto-torch height control
  • Economical - Low operation cost
  • Multi-function - cut, pierce, bevel
  • Shape Library - 50 Standard Shapes
  • Cut up to 12,000mm per minute
  • Oxy cutting for thicker materials


Every Macro Cutting System comes with supporting software. The High-Definition MACRO THUNDER uses the cncCUT software, an end-to-end solution when combined with the Eckelmann controller, to get your design from concept to cut. This software is detailed below:

  • Import DXF or the use the inbuilt library of shapes.
  • Hi-def plasma support
  • Secondary process support (drilling, marking etc)
  • Integrated postprocessors
  • Edit and Output NC code
  • CAD part extraction and cut list
  • Arc compression
  • Verify parts and holes
  • Auto-close gaps
  • Kerf compensation (offset)
  • Line & drill point marking
  • Tabbing & ability to move pierce points
  • Manual tool pathing
  • Automatic tool pathing
  • Bulk processing of files
  • Automatic nesting from the cut list
  • Automatic nest analysis & collision check
  • Triangular Nesting
  • Manual Array Nesting
  • Automatic Array Nest (matches similar size parts)
  • Remnant Nesting (nest into the cut plate)
  • Manual Nesting (add parts one at a time)
  • Interactive Nesting (jostle, move, rotate parts)
  • Automatic Nesting (nest multiple parts based on your settings)
  • Common Cut Nesting
  • Single plate nesting
  • Nesting over multiple plates
  • Cut Nest by Process OR Part
  • Part Marking in Nesting (visual ID)
  • Saved job list for repeatable cutting 


Table and Controller specifications.
For High-Definition plasma machine specifications please see the 'Cut Data' tab.

Bed Size 1.5m x 3m
Fume Control Waterbed or Fume Extraction System
Software cncCUT
# Cutting Heads 1
Scriber NONE
Input Voltage 240V - Single Phase
Dimensions (L x W x H - mm) 5670 x 2770 x 1840
Weight (kg) 2,000
Warranty  3 Years on Table



The High-Definition system is provided by Kjellberg a German engineered and manufactured precision piece of machinery.

Packed with industry-leading technology this machine is definitely a cut above the rest (pun intended). Some of the system's unique features are:

Contour Cut - A technology developed specifically for cutting small contours, narrow webs and small holes with 1:1 precision, and achieves this with an increased cutting speed of up to 50%, and provides a super clean cut edge.  

Comparison Contour Cut and competition


Silent Cut - This significantly reduces noise pollution. Providing users a solution for one of the most common workplace hazards, by reducing the sound level by up to a massive 15dB(A) - As a gauge to the human ear, a reduction of just 10dB(A) is perceived as halving the volume.

Kjellberg diagram sound pressure level comparison 

HiFinox - This technology is used for the cutting of Stainless Steel and Aluminium ranging from 1-6mm in thickness. The result is brighter cuts and narrower kerfs, meaning you save time and money by reducing clean-up time and also reducing material wastage.
Another benefit is due to the unique design of the cathodes for this technology, the cathodes last 5 to 10 times longer than standard ones, reducing your investment in consumables.

High-Definition Plasma Source Kjellberg Smart Focus 130
Mains Voltage 3x 400 V, 50 Hz
Cutting Current 35- 130 A
Marking Current 10 - 50 A
Cutting Range Max: 40mm | Recommended: 1-32mm
Piercing 25mm
Plasma Gasses O2, Ar / H2, N2, Air
Piercing  Ar, N2
Dimensions (LxWxH) 1030 x 570 x 1260 mm
Weight 226 kg
Warranty  2 Years


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