Cutting Area: 1.2m x 1.2m
Fume Control System: Waterbed
Plasma System: MACRO IGNITE 75
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The MACRO WILDFIRE 1200 is a skillfully developed, robust machine made in the USA.

With a Windows-based operating system, the MACRO WILDFIRE Series are very intuitive machines to use.

Packed with state of the art technology and manufactured from high-quality components, the MACRO WILDFIRE 1200 is designed to last the test of time and take some serious punishment!

Suitable for a wide range of applications, we have customers from all industries cutting with the power and precision that the MACRO WILDFIRE 1200 systems has to offer... just to mention a few areas of application from our current customers, metal fabricators, TAFE's and Uni's, artists, craftspeople, shed manufacturers, machine engineering and production... and much more! 

Delivering premium cut quality, the MACRO WILDFIRE 1200 can pierce up to 25mm thick at a speed of up to 25,000mm per minute! (depending on the plasma source selected). 

Capable of cutting a variety of materials - including, but not limited to; mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass, zinc + much more!

It can even cut corrugated metals and mesh! 

Not sure if this is the right solution for you? 
You can call, email or message our team to have a chat about your business and what type of solution would best suit your application, and also help you out with trade pricing. 

Features + Benefits (Cutting Bed + Controller):

  • Lifetime Aussie Tech + Technical Support
  • Automatic Torch Height control
  • USB Connectivity
  • Advanced cable management
  • Linear guide rails and carriages (x-axis)
  • Magnetic breakaway
  • Full software package and licenses included
  • Stepper motor system with mounts
  • Automation wiring, handcrafted and labelled
  • Floating control box (E-Stop included)
  • z-axis billet precision ball head screw
  • Heavy duty water table with steel supports
  • Easy to use and automate
  • Super clean and sharp results, meaning less cleanup
  • Heavy Duty
  • Cut up to 25mm Mild Steel
  • Fast travel speed - up to 25,000mm/min


Program: MyPlasm CNC

Basic program / controller functions

  1. Max machine work range: No restrictions
  2. Minimum pulse width Step: Auto
  3. Max STEP signal frequency: 350kHz
  4. Integrated THC height adjuster: Yes
  5. Anti-dive torch function: Yes
  6. Material detection function: Yes, Touch / Floating head
  7. Collision sensor support: YES
  8. Accepted file types: DXF, PLT (hpgl), G-Codes (.tap)
  9. Integrated CAM module: Yes, MyMini CAM
  10. Automatic recognition of Ven objects Ext. : YES
  11. Advance path analysis: YES
  12. Database of cutting parameters: YES,
  13. Correction of the project angle to the material: YES
  14. Operation via GamePad controller: YES
  15. Possibility of cutting from anywhere: YES
  16. Possibility of cutting from the end: YES
  17. Supported CNC controllers: MyPlasm CNC
  18. Support for controllers and motherboards from other manufacturers: NO
  19. Ability to work via the LPT port: NO
  20. Import DXF, PLT or G-CODES
  21. Automatic path generation with offset, entries and exits
  22. The program can be used with an external CAM program 
  23. Separate speed for holes
  24. Parameters database
  25. Design correction to the material angle
  26. Soft and Hardware limits
  27. THC anti-lacing functions
  28. Game Pad control option
  29. Material detection by touch system, floating head or both.


Table and Controller specifications.
For plasma machine specifications please see the individual machine links in the 'Cut Data' tab.

Bed Size 1.2m x 1.2m
    Fume Control Waterbed
    Software MyPlasm CNC
    # Cutting Heads 1
    Scriber NONE
    Input Voltage 240V - Single Phase
    Dimensions (L x W x H - mm) 1500 x 1800
      Weight (kg) 230
        Warranty  2 Years on Table


        CUT DATA

        See below some quick specs, for more information please click on the Plasma Machine name to be taken to its dedicated product page:

        MACRO IGNITE 75

        Current Range: 25-70 Amps
        MAX Pierce Depth: 15mm

        MACRO IGNITE 105

        Current Range: 20-100 Amps
        MAX Pierce Depth: 20mm

        Hypertherm Powermax 45

        Current Range: 10-45 Amps
        MAX Pierce Depth: 12mm

        Hypertherm SYNC 65

        Current Range: 20-65 Amps
        MAX Pierce Depth: 16mm

        Hypertherm SYNC 85

        Current Range: 25-85 Amps
        MAX Pierce Depth: 16mm

        Hypertherm SYNC 105

        Current Range: 30-105 Amps
        MAX Pierce Depth: 22mm


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